Friday, February 29, 2008

Are you Pregnant or Just Fat? Post Two Today.

Last night I was at a town organized meeting. Several associates, ladies especially approached me whom I had not seen since the early fall. Politely and smilingly they treated me as If nothing had changed. NOTHING!!!!

Here I am, six months pregnant, my stomach sticks out further than my (ahem) chest, my shirt pretty much accentuates the swelling location of my carried child, and they act as if nothing has changed! Then, when I hint that the swell in my midsection is not just fat but a new life, they respond immediately. "I couldn't even tell!" or "How far along are you?" or most usually both comments at the same time.

Most pregnant woman start taking on that luscious pregnant glow, an obvious lump thrusting into the room. I must just look uncomfortable and fat. Perhaps this is a lesson for the un-pregnant Kelly to carry with her. Lose weight. People can't tell whats baby and whats bulge. Maybe after meeting my daughter they were certain I was done at One.

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wendy said...

I think that anyone meeting your daughter would know you would want more, especially if they were like her. She is a doll!