Thursday, February 28, 2008

Because HE made me do it.

Usually I have a few minutes in the morning to sit down and write an essay. This morning, I woke with the memory of urinary troubles, the thought that the pain in my kidneys was not proper, and that achey feeling that comes with sickness. My writing time was sucked up into the process of purchasing 100% cranberry juice, chocolate milk for the small child, and various other groceries. Then I decided to pay bills.

There are many chores that you can do with a 2 year old that are fun and exciting for Good reasons. Grocery shopping is always fun with our daughter. Paying bills takes about 5 times longer than it should and includes getting your freshly goldfinch-cream colored living room decorated with bright Crayola red marker. We get to go grocery shopping again and buy some of those "magic" erasers to get rid of the "magic" "washable" marker.

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Anonymous said...

HOpe you are feeling OK and that your wall is semi clean!