Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chili, whatever style

There are many different variations of chili. My grandfather spent ten years of his life researching and detailing the culture of the meaty tomatoes collection. Todays dinner qualifies as the original, only because it wasn't created from a recipe. Its the meat chunk from the freezer, ground up, some spices, whatever "chili" like vegis i had in the fridge and a couple cans of tomatoes and beans from the cupboard. Whatever the house held, i threw it in.

My grandfathers favorite chili was made at a little restaurant around the corner from the main street. The owner/cook/proprietor would throw everything left over from his sandwich line, chopped up, into a big pot, and add a variety of secret spices. Then it cooked over night, was served at lunch, added to in the evening, and cooked some more. If the health department wasn't out in force this blending process would continue for weeks. It was the exquisite recipe for recycled food and health department closures.

No Health department will be visiting my humble kitchen in the next year (unless they sneak in while I'm in the bath-tub), so my chili recipe could gladly cook for the requisite week. However, I doubt my husband and I could chow down on chili for even a week. Some traits in taste are not passed downward, and the chili obsession is one of them.

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Mike said...

Well, Some of us got the Chili obsessive gene. I've happily eaten off of a big pot of one of grandad's recipes for 1-2 weeks or lunches.