Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crazy Ideas; Gypsy Blood; Japan

This morning, my husband made me こひ。(Ko-hi or Coffee) He was being nice, because I was very upset last night. We are making one of those family adjustments that come when a new goal is introduced. Pete is learning Japanese. Unlike most people (me included) who study stuff on their own, he is the self motivated enough he will suceed. I try to help. I love languages and owe him the chance at one graduate degree or crazy idea. Of course, this isn't really a sacrifice on my part. If he learns Japanese, I know i can get him to move to Japan. All I have to do is say, "lets" and he'll have bought plane tickets.

What an exciting way to introduce small children to a different culture, and satisfy my own personal desire to travel more. All I need to do now is keep him focused on his chosen language, learn some basic conversation, and keep our small children from destroying the 感じ (kanji) cards. As you can tell by this post, I've already mastered the art of getting Japanese to appear in my typing.

I might need to make sure I can cook with what I would find in a Japanese kitchen and grocery too, but I find that concept exciting. When I was younger, my teachers and friends used to tease me that I had gypsy blood. This antiquated stereotype was meant to show that I loved to travel, that my spirit wandered. I think I just have natural curiosity. I want to know people, cultures and countries, not on a who level but on a why level, deep below the surface.

Move to Japan? No problem. Here are the plane tickets.


AB8WN said...

コーヒー: coffee
漢字: Kanji (漢 Chinese 字 characters)

I love kanji. Such interesting things it holds. All of those wonderful words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.

Eric said...

I am going to move to Australia, you guys go to japan we can meet in vietnam and have egg noodles.

Anonymous said...

Hey I will visit you in Japan, Eric in Australia.... and eat egg noodles with you in Vietman!