Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Chef; BIIIG mess

Our two year old decided she wanted muffins for breakfast. Being a non-morning oriented cook, I had the perfect recipe for home cooked morning marvels. I whipped out a "just add water" muffin mix (blueberry) from my pantry. My little chef went to work. She opened the pouch without creating a disaster (YES). She dug in the drawers for a spoon. She tasted the non-hydrated mix. She "stirred" a process that involves using the spoon to fling muffin mix across the black kitchen counters.

We added water together. Last time, she poured it on the counter and the muffins just weren't right, which Pete thought was my doing. He has reason, I failed instant pancake mixes. Then she pointed out each separate muffin tin as I scooped in the lumpy glop. When the oven beeps, I'll slide them in, and we'll have a delicious breakfast. Thank you, whoever designed a two ingredient recipe. Thank You also, whomever is responsible for cleaning spray. You have made my morning, and my toddlers an event to remember.

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