Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Advice to Make my Life Easier

So, after reading about Coras fridge raiding tendencies, several people suggested I use a typical method for limiting her access to food. Duct Tape!!!

At first I didn't understand. I know that duct tape is used as a cheep alternative to hand cuffs and gags, and when properly applied can stick people to walls. Perhaps this was a little too severe for a simple fridge thief. Then my girlfriend explained that the goal was to tape the refrigerator unit closed, ergo making raiding impossible.

Being pregnant and inclined towards raiding the cold box myself, I thought this would provide all sorts of difficulties. Its a good thing that my girlfriend and Mother are patient with me. It took a while to grasp the idea. Sunday afternoon, after removing a bar of butter from Coras hands (minus a nice sized chunk), I decided to give it a try.

I installed the tape correctly, high on the door, with a well hidden tab, flat, and tight. Ten minutes later, cora came up to the fridge, looked at it, looked at me, as if to say "Is that the best you can come up with?" She reached up, and in one smooth clean movement, ripped off the tape.

Why is it that Zarya is so unlucky as to walk past at this moment? What could be more fun then trying to put sticky icky duct tape on a cat?

Thank you Mom, Girlfriend. You were right. Cora didn't raid the fridge that time. I still don't think i'm going to put tape back up.

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wendy said...

So much for trying to trick a smart little girl. But you weren't supposed to let her SEE you put the tape on!