Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How much is that Doggy in the Window?

There are always two stuffed dogs in the window at the book store/ coffee shop. My daughter adores them. She will go to that shop instantly, wave at them as she enters, and then fetch them down from the window. She will pet them, read to them, hug them and cart them from one side of the store to the other.

Today, in the midst of her adoration, something appeared in the coffee shop that startled her, and interfered with her routine; a boy about her age. Cora stared. Her look seemed to say "Are you talking to me? Am I supposed to understand you?" The boy proceeded to take one of the dogs from her, telling her it was his, and she should put it back where it came. She tried to retrieve her fake fur companion. He yelled and waved a finger around. She stopped.

Then she waited patiently. When the dog-napper lost interest and babbled off in another direction she ran up, wrapped her arms around the dog and took off. Unfortunately, while she was petting and talking to the reunited twins, he was able to re-steal the dog. Again she waited. Again she reclaimed. This time, the boys discomfort came out in louder more threatening tones and his grandma stepped in to lay down the law.

Cora took great care to avoid the boy after that, but she didn't yell, push, or cower away. As a parent I was impressed with her tolerance, her silence, her self control, and most of all her patience. As an adult trying to peer inside the mind of a child, I'm curious as to just one thing; If she felt comfortable talking to the stuffed dog, why didn't she try talking to the little boy? I can only conclude that she felt, after listening to his half formed words, that he was incapable of understanding.


Drache said...

haha, she already understands boys. amazing. she realized that he was going to make a bunch of noise and get adults involved, which probably means that she wont get to keep the doggy, but she also realizes that boys loose interest in things they can have (thats why playing hard to get works for some reason). so she just let him have the doggy, when he was done with it she took victory. brilliant like her parents!

wendy said...

so right you are!!!!!! (brilliant like her parents..... and.... grandparents!!!!!!!!!)