Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Masked Fridge Raider Strikes again

My daughter is a grazer. That means she eats little bits of food all day long, and doesn't do well with big meals. Its easy to keep some crackers in my purse or treats in the diaper bag, but its harder to remember while I'm busy with my chore lists.

No problem! Cora is independent to a fault. Only on tasks where I am absolutely necessary am I consulted, and then, only after her attempts have proved fruitless. She feels like grapes? No problem. Those are in the bottom drawer of the fridge. A slice of bread? The bag is accessible through a chair counter climb. Toast? The toaster (now unplugged) is conveniently located next to the (also unplugged) coffee maker. She feels like more milk?

I need to get a lock for my refridgerator.

Unfortunately, the little fridge raider is not adverse to trying new things. She actually LIKES tabasco sauce, straight out of the bottle. She loves the taste of lemon juice. She thinks that sour cream is yogurt, and that butter in a bucket or bar is a high calorie treat. My chocolate resources moved from the fridge shelf to a different location.

Grazers also tend to be healthy people. For instance, this morning the little girl consumed two large glasses of milk (some chocolate milk added) a cup of grapes, a quarter of an orange, three spoonfuls of oatmeal, three to four bites of bread, three to four bites of butter (consumed seperately and on the run from mom) and three and a half malted milk eggs. (Some stupid parent left them within reach.) I wouldn't feel so bad about the candy, except that she ate two of them at once when she thought I was going to take them away. Chipmunk girl strikes again!

Of greater interest than her usual fare are items you don't want her to find in the fridge; Yeserdays brick of tofu, Last weeks the egg, displayed to mom with a partial opening in the top of the shell and yolk still intact, and the week befores yogurt. The worst part is that a child lock isn't going to function very long. She already is testing the ones we have installed with a concentration I'm beginning to recognize. We have about two days left, before the toilet paper, (new) toothbrushes and bandaids are no longer safe. Perhaps I'd better invest the money on a theives mask and some non-toxic household cleaners.


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