Friday, March 7, 2008

Secret calories of motherhood.

Last night I bought easter candy for the young one. I didn't buy too much, because we've been trying to limit the overall candy level in the house. I had the cashier place it in a separate bag, hid it without telling my husband where it was, and thought to myself, "I have prevented the premature raiding of the easter candy."

Before I went to bed though, the thought of Cadbury cream eggs overcame my own self control. Its hard to lose weight as a mother. All the junk food of the house is hidden from everyone but you.


Drache said...

You do realize he reads these and now knows that there is candy in the house...

Calder said...

Those Cadbury cream eggs are wicked little monsters with a language all of their own ("no need to sleep, just eat me human")or some kind of sublimital brainwashing chant.

Oh well, happy almost easter Kelly. Hug a baby!!!