Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sudden change of subject

I was going to post something asinine about how small children develop language skills and how parents develop code systems to understand them. As I was composing a suitable title sentence my daughter came into the living room with the syrup bottle. She stopped and opened the lid.

My cat, Zarya sat staring at me, her back to the pink trouble maker. "Put the syrup back." I said, still not standing up, or removing my hands from the keyboard. Blue serious eyes connected with me. The little girl then upturned the syrup bottle over the cat. "Lotion" she said.

You can make it from the computer to the door to the kitchen in one giant step. It probably should take six, but you CAN make it in one, and it saves a lot of time cleaning sugar goop off of a cat that hasn't fully groomed her coat to normal after the petroleum Jelly Incident.


wendy said...

You should always remember that when your daughter has something that she souldn't in her hands she is going to try something that she shouldn't... just to watch your reaction!

jpagens said...

... I'll have to remember to not turn my back on that little one the next time I come over...