Sunday, March 23, 2008

Surprise! Its Easter!

Thursday evening forecast; 2-4 inches of snow for Friday night to Saturday. Friday morning forecast; 3-6 inches of snow from Friday afternoon to Saturday.

This being Michigan, and the weather being fairly warm this week, and my daffodils poking up by the front door, Cora and I dressed in spring clothes and drove up to GR to spend the day with Nanny on Friday morning.

By noon, it started to snow. By three PM, it was snowing voraciously, and Pete called to politely suggest that I spend the night at Nannys. By seven PM, there were three inches in GR. By ten, they had not plowed the Michigan highway in front of our house.

Total snowfall in our town (supposed to get 6 inches) was 14 inches. Saturday afternoon, it was 45 degrees outside. Happy easter... this years elected bunny must have been the arctic hare.

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