Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful Souls.

So often I write stories of a certain mischievous two year old, and her slow pregnant mother trying to keep pace. Today I would like to do something different. Today I would like to praise a small understanding and compassionate child.

Yesterday was one of those pregnant days when I could rather have sacked out and slept all day than anything I did. By the time we were back from the Obstetrician (where in i learned that the high blood pressure/ bloating was happening again), we had ruined our flower bouquet and worn Mom to a frazzle. I was sporadically crying. I do that sometimes when pregnant. Pete would say I do that sometimes when not pregnant, but who beleives him (put your hands down).

Instead of feeding the lost crazy look in moms eyes with bad behavior, our daughter pushed me into the comphy chair, piled everything she and mom needed on top (warm weather lessens the number of animals), and curled up next to me. While she watched TV, I napped. Occassionally she gave me kisses or pats on the cheek. her warmth and understanding continued after nap time. She was an excellent child. She listened the first (or second time) instead of waiting for the third or fourth. She asked to get htings out of the fridge. It was truely amazing.

When Daddy came home (to his family having a tear fest on the couch) all good behavior ceased and she returned to her usual self. After all, Mom had someone else to take care of her. Cora no longer needed to be... Super KID!!!

(Poor Daddy)

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