Monday, April 7, 2008


Beautiful weather has finally located Michigan this spring. Our two genuine days of spring fell conveniently on a weekend, and inconveniently on a weekend when our family was celebrating the last of the winter colds. Crabby and worn out, we tried hard to spend as much time absorbing natural Vitamin D and the other benefits of sunshine. From being too small to leave outside the last two springs for long periods of time, Cora is now a master of her (fenced in) back yard.

Her knees, already covered with small scrapes, are evidence of her enjoyable weekend. Our yard shows the side effects too. There is a sand box already operational, a slide, a horse (plastic), trike tracks in my lawn, and a couple scrapes where she attempted to get up the apple tree. However, her favorite part of being outside on Sunday had more to do with what Mom was finding in the garden.

In an attempt to calm her after she tipped over her trike (its possible...just not probable), I introduced her to an earthworm I found in the garden. At first she wouldn't touch it. It wiggled crazy. I set it down on the turned earth and continued talking to her and removing rocks and grass from the plot I was preparing. She knelt next to it and watched it mush it's way back under the black earth. The next one she took from my fingers.

For over half an hour Cora knelt next to me, demanding more worms. She would place them gently around the turned soil and then watch them and help them dig their way back into the moisture below. She loved them. She talked to them. She talked to me about them.

Earth worms. Until yesterday, they never existed in her world. Now they are something Mom can not pull out of the ground fast enough. Fortunately Cora is very self sufficient. Armed with a spade, she wandered off to find some herself. My yard is going to look like a miniature battle field full of bomb craters by the end of the summer.

No matter, my garden will be saturated by earthworms. That is where they live according to the worm wrangler.


jpagens said...

"My yard is going to look like a miniature battle field full of bomb craters by the end of the summer."

So kind of like Matt's back yard then? I remember you had a fine garden going there, so all should turn out well...

wendy said...

I love this!