Thursday, April 24, 2008

Foreign Policies

Raising children is kind of like operating a miniature nation within a complex system of super nations. Families have their own house policies, say, domestic (at home) policies, such as where you can eat what and the toilet seat treatment. Outside the house, children are expected to learn foreign policy, how to act in strangers houses, public, polite society, church or a store.

Foreign policies need to be simple. Cora it told "look with your eyes, not your hands." and "when not at home, ask before you enter any space you are unsure of" or "hold moms hand in parking lots and crossing streets." My favorite is the "no commenting on other peoples need to shower or not." Of course, just telling children of foreign policies does not mean that they will follow them. Of course, I'm usually able to grab her while she is in the midst of getting a better sniff of the offending person. She has the cutest little "you stink" face.

Sometimes foreign and domestic policies do not match at all. For instance, Cora is allowed to use whatever slide she wants at home, at day care, she is not allowed to use the big girl side. This creates all sorts of problems.

Sometimes foreign and domestic policies coincide. Do not play with animal food is one of those. Regardless, she tries to spoon feed the cats at home and hand feed the dogs at day care. She even tries to carry food to the kitties at nanny and grandmas house. Child of mine is sweet.

Either that or she has learned that fat animals are easier for her to catch.

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