Monday, April 21, 2008

Morning after Grammas

Yesterday, Cora went to Grammas for the day with her Dad. How exciting for her! How terrifying for me. I went to the bathroom right after they left (to pee... yes, I'm that pregnant), and sat and cried for a second. Its so hard to let go, to let them grow up.

Then, curse him, Dad left late, so I didn't even get to put Cora to bed. NO, I just got to grab a sleepy little bundle, take off her shoes and sweater and tuck her in. One imperial hand reaching up for the Magic blanket deposit. I did get a petrified little face going MOM? at 1:30 AM though. I guess the little goober did miss me after all.

Her behavior this morning was no indication. First (as she does with each unique experience) she checked to see if the Baby arrived yet. Then she wanted to see the weather, drink her milk and talk on the phone. Her new Gramma present (a tiger that throws out bubbles) did not take long to emerge from the bags. My living room was a mass of bubbles at 6:50 Am. Suddenly I remembered that bubbles could not be played with until AFTER breakfast. Its amazing how little a child can eat for breakfast.

Outside, Mom had to plead that Tigers need morning naps to get him de-activated. Inside, she decided that he needed more fillings.

And as i was happyly typing the first half of this post, she did something about tigers fillings. She got another jar of bubbles down, her breakfast fork and tiger, then proceeded to pour bubble liquid all over everything in her attempt to fill him up. I have just spent ten minutes cleaning up soap, with a crying childs help. She was crying for two reasons. First, because the bubble stuff was gone, and second because she couldn't clean it up herself.

Give them one day without mommy and they want to do everything themselves. Hey, at least it was essentially soap (and non-toxic).

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