Monday, April 14, 2008

this is about Cows.

At least, thats what Cora said when I asked her what we should write about. Actually, Cows are very important to small children. The appear in all the books. They even appear in most of the TV shows they watch. Have you ever shown a child an actual cow though? At the fair cora saw several cows. She heard them say moo first hand, but i don't think the connection between Cow cows and cartoon cows formed.

Sheep too are completely irrealistic in childrens books. They are always white and fluffy. They are never dirty and they seem cute and intelligent. There is a picture of a lamb wrapped in the arms of a two year old Jesus in one of coras childrens books. Every time she sees it she yells at the little boy to put down the kitty. There is no connection between the pictures and the dirty piles of unshorn wool we saw at the fair.

Cora knows what sheep say too. They say BAAAAH. Only her sheep for some reason sound like they are choking and fading into the background. Perhaps they are geriatric sheep.

She knows what pigs say too, courtesy of Sandra Boynton. Pigs go "La La la." They are also named "Daddy" "Mommy" and "Nanny". Her observations about are nature are quite....amazing.

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