Friday, April 25, 2008

Today is...

Today is Friday. The work week for most people is over. I've put in my own hard labor this week (though not the labor I would desire to finish). My weekend project is scheduled. My child is TIRED. My back hurts, and my husband is sleepy. Its been a long-short week.

Today we played with bubbles in the living room. The tiger bubble guy finally ran out of bubbles. We set him back on the counter, and I feel secure in the knowledge that Cora has not yet learned how to access the areas where the extra bubble filling is located.

Today is a cereal for breakfast day. Its easy, Cora likes it and it vacuums out of the carpet so much easier than eggs or yogurt. The dishes can wait. The laundry gets done on weekends, the beds don't NEED to be made and two year olds don't understand the difference between pajamas and day cloths. Fortunately, neither does her father, so shes dressed for day already.

Parent hood is a lesson in importance. When you are a parent, what needs to get done shifts dramatically depending on how people are feeling and who needs attention. Right now, Cora needs Mom to be there. She needs the hugs and the bubble play and some crayon or watercolor time. She doesn't need a house with made beds, organized laundry or washed dishes.

She needed to read books with Mom this morning more than Mom needed privacy getting dressed. She needed hugs more than Dad needed to be on time leaving for work. Compared to how important this moment in her life is, privacy and five minutes that won't make you late are inconsequential.

Today is a day to appreciate the greatest gift God gave us; The little girl playing cook in the kitchen with flour, water and chocolate powder.

Tomarrow I'm gonna have alot of cleaning to do though. Perhaps I'll shampoo the carpet too.

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