Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a Load of Hoey.

I have this great two year old. She and I just made noodles and cheese for lunch, and the package says we could win a trip to Kennedy space center. OH how exciting! Kennedy space center, astronaut training and nerd vacation at the finest. Cora got excited. She wanted to be an astronaut. We read the rocket book Uncle Shorty got her for christmas. She likes that book.

Together, we logged on to and got ready to enter her in the contest. We start her birthday. She is telling me the month (after I have told her). She tells me the day (same routine) Then we talk about year. I press on the drop down menu, only to discover that 2006 is not available. Okay, so they don't excpect two year olds to be computer savy. I look for my birth year (sorry, not about to put that on public space). Its not there.

Thats when i read the little disclaimer at the bottom of the brightly colored page. Open only to 6-14 year olds. Evidently two year olds can't be interested in going into space, or intelligent enough to enjoy space camp. What a load of hoey.

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jpagens said...

Well, a cardboard box spaceship with CORA on the side instrad of NASA would go over just as well at her age group... And she can bring her stuffed animal along. Take that Nasa!