Friday, May 16, 2008

Exploring Food; And Mopping.

Once a child reaches a certain age, they decide to pour their drinks for themselves. This is good if they are 6 or 7 at the time, and can lift a gallon of milk without incident. Cora is 2, and weighs about the same as five gallons of milk. She can lift one the same way that I can bench press 100 pounds. It happens, but there is a tremor to the lift that makes it decidedly hard to pour accurately.

Milk is not the only liquid in my fridge though, which is why, yesterday when Cora traipsed into the living room carrying a small toy cup filled with a white substance, I was concerned. Some things are better left NOT drunk, especially when their expiration dates are several months old. The pleasant scent of almonds came with her.

Her toy sink was filled with the thick white substance. Good, I thought, if it doesn't smell spoiled it should be safe, but WHAT besides milk was in my fridge that was white. I didn't even have cleaning products that were white, nor carried the thickness of evaporated milk.

On the floor in the kitchen I found the missing link. A puddle, with traced footprints, and an open bottle of Non-dairy Armaretto Creamer. Ah ha! That explained the almond scent. Now what to do about the puddle.

A bucket and mop later, I learned the trouble of cleaning up something sweet stickly and slick. The kitchen became a danger zone, where people either slipped side ways or stuck and tripped over their feet. It smelled delicously almond-like though.

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