Monday, May 5, 2008

The Math movie.

People like certain types of TV. I love M*A*S*H. I own (confession of super dork) all 11 of the TV seasons, the original Movie (platinum addition), the book, and a T-Shirt. I watch M*A*S*H at nap time and in the evenings to help me fall asleep. Nobody realized how bad the M*A*S*H obsession was until Friday night. Trying to calm me down, Pete stuffed a season 3 DVD into the drive and let it play. When we turned it off and went to the hospital. The lady gave me the remote and suggested i tune into something good. Looking at the clock I said "bonus!" flipped through the channel, and to Petes amazement and dismay, up popped M*A*S*H.

Saturday afternoon (at home, poo!), Cora asked to watch a movie. "Math" she said. I became excited. My daughter loved my favorite TV show.


After a few minutes of discussion, and digging she pulled Ice Age out of the DVD stack, and pointed to the front cover. "Math" she said as she pointed at the big wooly mammoth. Slurring sylablys is a standard problem with child talk. she settled down and cried laughed and clutched Moms hand durring the scary parts of her second favorite movie.

When it ended she looked at her parents hopefully. "Stitch?" she asked.

Its not M*A*S*H, but its her own personal taste. Its also hilarious to watch a two year old empathize with an onscreen character. All I have to do is tell her that the kitties will be OK. She doesn't want anyone to die.

Oh yeah, and I need to work on E-nun-ce-a-tion, or i'll never be able to distinguish her algebra homework from natural sciences.

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