Thursday, May 1, 2008


At a certain age children discover pockets. Cora has just reached this age. I know because while watching her play in the garden with her earth worm collection du jour, I witnessed their storage.

That evening, I pulled what I think was the remains of 3 earth worms, at least one other unidentifiable bug, and a couple of mashed dandelion heads out of the pocket of her skirt. I've found all sorts of fascinating stuff since then, including a half eaten marshmallow (soak in water to remove). Its only a question of time and opportunity before I find something truly disgusting.

As she gets older, she also hones her more embarrassing skills. She is an excellent pick pocket. She usually goes after her Dads pocket contents. After a short chase, I've retrieved chap stick, wallet and keys. He's divested the thief of his pocket knife and cell phone as well. At home the game is mostly harmless, and builds all sorts of motor skills and problem solving skills. In public (and other peoples pockets) there are slight problems.

Yesterday we took her for a peaceful trip to the play ground and along the river front. Dad got the priveledge of catching his key chain as it slipped out of the small theifs fingers. Missing would have meant trying to find his keys in 8 feet debths of the polluted Kalamazoo river.

As I said, this game builds motor skills and problem solving skills, especially when you miss.

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