Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rhubarb is Not All Poisonous

Of course, its important to say that the rhubarb I'm referring to was purchased at a farm market. I'm not speaking out for wild rhubarb. Nobody wants to speak out for wild plants. Their party and vagrant lifestyle does not suit peoples taste in security and identity.

After consulting with Fran (or some other helpful woman at poison control for west Michigan (1-800-222-1222)), I learned that only the leaves and young shoots of rhubarb are really poisonous. its not the poisonous effects (diuretics) that really matter anyways. The leaves produce a horrible glass shard like sensation in the mouth, accompanied by an excessive bitter taste and prolonged throbbing. Fortunately, when you buy the plant at the grocery or market they remove most of the leaves.

In further fortune, my daughter only sampled from the middle of each (and every) stalk before she found the strawberries. Did I mention that I'm making a rhubarb pie today, not the strawberry-rhubarb of original conception? I arrived before the tomatoes were attacked.

Poison control is going to send a child family services representative to my house eventually. Thats my third call this year. It probably will be a good thing. I can point out the easily accessable location of all the candy, cookies and junk food. Then I can show how hard I make it for Cora to get the fruits, vegis and yogurt. Her obsession with plant food makes the back yard look like one big buffet.

Besides, I think the CFS representative for this area's wedding present is still sitting in my closet. It will save me a trip.

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