Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stored Up stories #1

Watching Cora is often an interesting way of looking in a mirror. She spent the weekend surprising us with her new behavior. Her attempts to undo the eye hook latch on the pantry and drop chain on the front door have become more aggressive. She moves chairs, puts them back and gets larger chairs. So far she is still a few inches off of unhooking them. Give her another week.

Then there was the dinner incident. She started spinning her spagetti around her fork. i didn't notice until i looked up to see pete staring at her face with a look of increduity. I should explain. He's not a spagetti spinner, and I switch between the various eating methods. Evidentally I was spinning my fork that dinner. its so awesome how quickly they learn some of the most unusual skills. Speaking of which, did i mention she can pick her own nose?

No really, I'm estatic. That was one of those Mom chores I didn't really appreciate.

Another dinner table lesson I will clearly regret was entirely my fault. In an attempt to convince my husband to play a certain board game with me, I turned up the cute eyes and pouted. After over ten years, my expression amuses rather than induces certain behavior from Pete. The small sponge at the end of the table watched enraptured though, and attempted to immitate my expression.

Unfortunately, I don't think the immuity I gave Pete through overuse extends to me. One cute pout like that and I'm liable to do something un-responsible as a parent. Lets hope Cora doesn't figure that out.

Yeah right. I give her a month tops.

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