Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stored Up Stories #3; The heart necklace

History witnesses the passage of many famous pieces of jewelry, both real and fictional. The Maximilian emerald ring, the Star of Asia, the Hope Diamond and the Star of Africa are a few that spring to mind. There is also a fabulous necklace once owned by Marie Antoinette whose history is so shrouded in shadows and subterfuge its hard to determine its name or story.

In my house, none of these peculiar and fantastic gems mean nearly as much as the necklace my daughter currently wears. It is a simple piece of jewelry, composed of a faux leather lanyard, colored with sweat and orange juice, a pair of nickel beads, and a single pendant; Soap stone carved in the shape of a heart, all of 1/2 an inch in diameter.

It was an impromptu purchase at the rock shop in Allegan (a wonderful little place). It was inexpensive too. I didn't realize how important a purchase it was until bath time the first night home. Cora refused to remove it.

Its full import in her toddler mind came when (due to factors only a two year old can put jewelry through) the original heart pendant disappeared. She cried. She never cries when she breaks things. She doesn't even cry during magic blanket baths anymore. But she was quite distraught to see this little ornament ruined.

Yesterday I had the chance to stop by the rock shop and procure a similar stone pendant for her lanyard. The helpful owner even secured it with a more sturdy clasp. I again have a happy two year old with a favorite piece of jewelry.

Perhaps I'll let her wear it through the bath this time... It might get rid of the orange juice stains.

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