Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thoughts during Nap time.

Thought Number 1: I have such wonderful friends and family. They have talked to me frequently the last couple of uncomfortable days. They have supported without feeling pity, or cracking too many bad jokes. I appreciate them so much.

Thought Number 2: If Cora naps too long will she pee through her panties on the couch before she wakes up and gets to the potty? Why did she decide to potty train today of all days anyways? It's not the heat (it was 84 yesterday, and is only 71 today) so It must be something else.

Thought Number 3: Why do I always run out of toilet paper when she wants to potty train?

Thought Number 4: Why do I feel like it is 84 today, not yesterday?

Thought Number 5: Why is it that talking to someone who has been there (pregnant etc.) is so calming, even if all you talk about is painting stair wells?

Thought Number 6: Where did I put the stuff for cleaning the couch?

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