Friday, May 23, 2008

What Love Means...

And Other Deep Subjects Two Year Olds Teach You About.

My daughter has taught me more about the depths and heights of love over the past two years than I think any other experience in life. I didn't realize how much she has bestowed on me in that area of learning until Nanny asked her if she loved her Daddy.

Up until that incident, Cora ALWAYS told her Daddy "No love you." She is usually a stinker about giving him hugs and kisses when he asks for them too. To both Nanny and my surprise, my quiet child looked at us as if we were berift of brains, and told her in clear distinct words "I love my daddy very much."

Isn't that true though? The words are not the important part of love. There is no need for demonstration just because someone asked for it. In many cases, Coras negative responses get her the demonstrative attention from her Dad she desires (yes, dear, your two year old daughter is manipulating you) and in the end, Dad gets more hugs and kisses than he knows what to do with.

My daughter loves us no less or no more because we refuse to buy her stuff, or take her places, or even feed her some of the stuff she wants to eat. She loves us no more when she gets her way. What makes her the most content and happy is when all three of us are together and happy. She blossoms under praise, but she grows the most through her mistakes. We get stronger hugs when she purposely tries to break the rules.

Limits and rules are a part of life. Learning them is hard work, and something two year olds spend alot of time doing. Love means that no matter how badly she messes up, no matter how the potty training goes, the cat abuse, the time of day, or even how Mom and Dad are feeling, there is ALWAYS a hug and kiss waiting for her. What an awesome gift we can give our little girl.

What a huge responsibility!

Why is it then, that when I'm sitting on a stuffed animal filled bed, kissing a bad dream away, and the clock says its 2 AM in the morning that I feel like it is the greatest gift in the world?

She likes her limits. She tests the rules, and cries a bit when they don't bend, but hugs deeper and whispers love yous more when "the rules" are imposed.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, my dear, THAT is what makes parenting the best thing that you can do, and what makes it all worthwhile. When you read stuff like this that YOUR daughter writes and realise how very lucky you are!!! LOVE YOU!