Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Desperate Cat.

Zarya does not appreciate the hugs and attention that Cora bestows on her most of the time. Yesterday though, everyone else in the house was busy moving around, or paying attention to things that didn't involve making a nice warm nap for one sleepy kitty. The two year old torture device was, ironically, the only warm body that wasn't moving.

A cold kept her up part of the night, and she was making up for lost sleep on the couch, blanket in hand, curled toward the back of it. Zarya found a comfortable foot of space to curl up. her spine pressed against Coras. As they each drifted further into dream land, and my Mom attempted to wake up the granddaughter by flopping her feet around, Coras only action was to roll over. Somehow, she flopped one arm over her warm sleeping partner. The picture below is what one calls SUPER CUTE.

Enjoy, it won't happen again for another 10 years or so, once Cora calms down or the cat gets too slow to run away.

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wendy said...

Love that picture!!!!