Monday, July 14, 2008

Moms Birthday is always Fun

My birthday this last weekend provided more ironic humor than I have witnessed in a long time. My husband kindly dealt with the 6:30 AM, "I want my mommy" behavior from our newborn. That meant I only had to get out of bed at 8:30 when Cora came bounding into the room. She actually gave us both kisses and cuddled on the bed for a little bit too, which was nice. Then it all started.

The shower broke, and I got the joy of fixing it before I could get cleaned up. I could have let my hubby fix it, but he was taking care of the girls. The farm market, which I got to go to by myself, was soaking wet, and a polite but un-celebratory drizzle made it an uncrowded experience.

No problem I said to myself, and came home and made cucumber salad. Fresh pickling cucumbers, dill and vinegar and sour cream taste so wonderful together. Cora and I just finished some for lunch today as well. My hubby made me perfectly grilled steaks and potatos, and as we lounged around waiting for church to start or me to decide on something to do (hey, when you are a stay at home mom, lounging around for a day without running fifty two billion places is wonderful), he went out to get the ice cream cake.

He opened the meat freezer and noticed the box looked wet. He lifted it up. The cake inside rippled in waves.

We now know why you do not plug you deep freezer into a power strip with an on off switch that can be turned by stepping on it. I have never laughed so hard over a cake. The foamy nature of soft serve made it hold most of its shape, and it tasted like the melted venison beneath it.

Not to be outdone, the baby cried in church. I messed up my appointment with the priest, and I ate too much at dinner, so I couldn't get an Ice cream float for dessert. Maybe the birthday bird was sending me a lactose free message. My birthday brownies, over a movie were very good though.

Moms birthdays are always fun. My family( minus the crying in church) made a huge effort to make it special for me. It made me feel loved, cherished, and useful. I'm still amused y the ripples of the cake. Either that or I was chuckling over not having to clean the meat freezer. Thanks for the extra birthday present honey, and the comphy outdoor furniture.

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wendy said...

How wonderful that you found the humor in the situation! Laughing is such great medicine... we all need to do more of that!