Thursday, July 31, 2008

Potties and Kitties

This morning I lost my temper. My two year old told me NO, she was not going to sit on the potty, No she didn't want her odoriferous butt changed and NO, she didn't want to look at Momma. I sent her to her bed, still stinky.

A half hour later I realized what I was doing wrong as a parent. I was letting the willful child outlast me. There is no possible way that she inherited more stubbornness than her parents have in total. She would have to have all of all our genes. I started a pitched battle of wills. She WOULD look at me while I was talking and listen to me. She WOULD NOT interrupt me. She WAS going to sit on the potty, and wear panties, not diapers.

After a few minutes of struggle, I had a very genuine two year old admitting to me that she did know when she needed to pee or poop. So far we've only had one little oops. She was washing her hands of sticky stuff and the water noise did her in. Its only been three hours, but i'm asking and she's acquiescing if not actually volunteering.

I dropped her off at a babysitters in panties for an hour and a half, and no mistakes occurred. Of course thats probably because she was too excited to make mistakes. This particular babysitter has kitties. they are the perfect age for Cora. Old enough not to get seriously mauled and young enough to still be kitten like and catchable. I still had to explain nice treatment to her once. You cannot pick a kitty up by the hind leg and shake it. As we were preparing to leave she picked up her (and mine) favorite and handed him to me. "My Kitty Mom." she said. Fortunately she has a short memory. We left without it, and she has yet to ask for it again.

I wonder if she realizes I'm desperate enough to get her out of diapers that I would get her a kitty for the accomplishment, or a puppy, or the moon. She can't read though, so I'm safe publishing this here and welching out on my animal talk.

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