Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Year Old Time and Manners

Two year olds have a different concept of time. I brought home some patterns from the fabric store, and material to make Cora a shirt. I showed her the two types and asked her which she wanted me to make. She chose one. While I sat down to read the instructions she disappeared.

Before I could unfold the pattern form, she was back in the living room, stripped to the waist, demanding her new shirt. My explanation that sewing took more than five milli-seconds resulted in an amused and patient look. "Put your shirt back on, Please!" I ordered.

"No Mom, I wait." she told me.
Five minutes later, she was at my side. "Shirt NOW Mommy." she ordered. As I have so many times I automatically corrected her. "How do you ask nicely?"

There was a pause. "Shirt Now Mommy, Please." she said. I appologized to her, explaining that it would take me at least a week to finish the shirt. "Please put your shirt back on." I asked her.

"No Mom, I wait." she told me.

Five minutes later...

Its been two days since I bought the patterns. The sleeves are set in the shirt. I need only to hem it and stitch the neckline. I'm happy to say that aside from momentary lapses, resulting from the site of the shirt material, she is NOT topless.

Today she wanted to make "cakes" her word for any of the instant muffins we make in our cupcake pan. At 9 AM I informed her we would make them after lunch. She stared at me, got off her chair and went to the fridge. Seeing I had neglected to follow her, she returned to usher me back into the kitchen. "What do you want honey?" I asked her.

"Make lunch now Mommy." she ordered. Then, she noticed my look of consternation she smiled brilliantly, "Please?"

Two year olds have no concept of time. But you can teach them manners.

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THis made me laugh!!!!