Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lets go out to eat...

Nanny and I took the two girls to a nice restaurant for lunch. I figured we would be safe. They have a beautiful outdoor patio, and a child's play area that I'm familiar with. It was towards the end of lunch that the true nature of my daughter emerged.

First, she waved at me, half hanging out the second story of the play house. courtesy of some stronger child, a bench moved under the window opening. I ran like a tripping lunatic to the play house, only for her to greet me grinning and safe at the bottom of the steps.

Second, she decided she needed to take off her milk spotted shirt. A restrained conversation later, she was still dressed. A penny for the fountain distracted her.

Did I say fountain? When I suggested this particular location for lunch, I forgot that it had a working outdoor fountain. Worse, the fountains lowest pond was within easy reach of a two year old. That would explain why, within moments of using up her penny she was fishing for others and splashing in the water.

That wasn't the problem. The problem was when she decided to wash her hair.

At least I have a good argument for my super packed diaper bag with extra absorbent blankets/towels. You need them for those occasional bath incidents in strange fountains in front of (thankfully understanding) patrons. That, and Its a marvelous way to get and pay your check quickly so you can leave.

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wendy said...

This sure did make me remember and smile! The wonderful things kids find wonderful!