Friday, August 1, 2008


Are you happy?

My daughter Cora's response to this question is an opened mouth smile that looks like she is trying to swallow an egg whole. She is a happy child. Even her mothers obsession with polite manners and holding hands in public does not dampen her good moods.

The baby Nyobi had a new treat for me this morning. She screamed bloody murder for a minute or two before I figured out that she needed a clean diaper. As I wiped the last of the poop off of her butt, I looked at her tear streaked face. "Thats better isn't it?" I asked.

As if in response, her tiny face creased into a beautiful goofy baby smile. Enchanted I yelped with delight and bent over to kiss the little happy creature. "Oh you're so cute." I said. I called Cora over to me, and we both grinned down at the little happy creature. Nyobi gooed back at us.
She smiled again. Then made a whoopee cushion like noise.

Next time a new diaper is going on before I get caught up in cuteness.

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Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo, the question is....... was that really a smile or just gas??? hA HA HA HA!!!!!!