Monday, August 25, 2008

Teaching Perception

Now that my daughter is talking about letters, and pointing to words asking what they are, I decided this was what people call child lead education. I bought some teaching aids to introduce her to the alphabet, mixed them up with some of the stuff around the house, and wrote up a schedule of classes (soon to be ignored). Better yet, I took cora with me, so that it was already a fun time for her to spend with Mom.

I'm not trying to teach my child to be brilliant, or even make her learn the alphabet. I do not have any goals with her becoming a doctor at age 12. That can at times be abusive to the child. What I'm trying to accomplish, is to burn some extra calories through brain exercise. Learning IS an adventure. Maybe if she explores letters she will leave my bathroom cabinet alone.

I hung my "dive into the alphabet" (cute huh?) poster on our fridge, with the first letters already ensconced on their little fishy plaques. Cora was thrilled with the creative process. She likes the fishes. She wanted to hang more. We went over the letters, and made their noises, until her mind flitted elsewhere.

When trying to teach a two year old, one of the perceptions you have to have is when they are done. She happily left the poster alone until dad and his friends emerged from the basement. Then she pulled each one over to show it off, and pointed out the fishes. What made me proud was when she pointed to one fish in particular and said "Aye" correctly labeling the letter on it.

One letter down, 25 to go.

The best part is, nobody can say I'm crazy for trying to teach a two year old the alphabet. The people who might have criticized were given a sterling lesson in success.

Now if only I can get Cora to poop in the potty.

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