Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Three Great Achievements.

Cora accomplished three things worth bragging about yesterday. First, she managed to figure out how to get on, pee in and dismount the big girl potty without her potty seat or Moms help. Combined with her ability to hold it in and pee in the potty, I'm almost completely done with stage one of potty training.

Second, she finally discovered how to undo the child safety locks on the TV stand. Putzing around on a chair, her inquisitive little fingers pushed and it popped. Once a child learns that, how do you keep them out of the cleaning supplies and DVD's? I'm thinking fear of Mom and threats to the Blanky.

Third, she learned that by looking excessively culpable and proud of herself at the same time she could avoid Mom throwing a fit about her second accomplishment. Seeing your child say, without words, I'm guilty as all get out, but I finally figured it out is rather amusing.

I laughed. The fear of Mom doesn't work. I'm so screwed.

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