Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby et al. Goes to the Doctor

Nyobi needed a doctors visit on Thursday. She has a virus that won't go away, and I was concerned it was something worse. Being used to our doctors offices methodology, I knew I had two choices, call in early in the morning and hope I got lucky, or take Nyobi in to the prompt care. Prompt care involves showing up, turing in some information and then waiting in the hopes someone can work you in. Cora is not good at waiting, and a Doctors offices are filled with that dreaded "W" word.

I struck gold and got an appointment for 2:40PM. I showed up ten minutes before my appointment. While going through paperwork with the lady at the front desk, I glanced up. Coras blanket was still right where she had been, but she was across the lobby. In fact, she was inside the elevators and the doors were closing.

After the nurse escorted a slightly wild eyed Mom, Cora, carrying the daiper bag, and the Nyobi into the examining room and took a weight (14 1/2 lbs) we settled in to wait.

Fortunately, I bourght smarties. Cora and I played a game called, if you try and anwer a question you get a smartie. It is fun. It is fun, because it lessens the number of time I have to NO behavior, exploration. She also emptied the diaper bag out onto the floor. Tried to put on her sisters pants, and stole a tongue depressor.

Considering it took an hour and twenty minutes to do the appointment, Cora was very well behaved. Nyobi was an angel. She, of course, is too small to try and get into stuff.

And fortunately, the elevator doors opened, before Cora got off the ground.

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