Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Pool

To carve out some Cora and Mom time, I've started taking her swimming in the Big Pool. This location is actually the high school and community swimming center, which consists of a racing/ diving pool and a leisure pool. Cora loves going there.

She won't put her face under water, and won't try and swim, but she will wade around the leisure pool areas up to her armpits and allow me to piggyback her all over the place. Cora will swim until her small body is one big goose bump and her eyes are bright red from the chlorine. I don't think either set of grandparents are surprised by this.

There are two things at the big pool which truely enrapture the small child; a water slide and the teenagers. The water slide is the innocent fun. It allows small children to launch themselves down a small white plastic slope at top speed, and splash out into the swimming area. The teenagers are another part entirely.

First are the teenage lifeguards. Cora could care less about them. She ignores them completely. She even tried to push ones legs out of her way once.

Then there are the teenage swimmers. The girls she tries to grab hands with and make them play with her. Poor classy teenage girls in bikinis trying to flirt and have a good time do not appreciate this sort of attention. The boys she just thinks are too wild.

Which is why, once we were out of the pool last swim day Cora stood with her arms crossed in a noisy changing room yelling in her most imperial tone at five six foot tall teenagers. I don't think anyone of them heard her direct commands to "stop that" and "Go away!" I did though, and I truely admired the fact that she wasn't about to be intimidated by them.

Maybe my original goal was to teach Cora to swim. Right now I'm just enjoying spending time with my daughter and learning the mettle of her character. This one definately needs to learn self defense, because her flight sensors don't work.

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