Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It is a good thing that I have a six foot privacy fence around my back yard. My daughter, Cora does not appreciate the modesty bequeathed upon her by clothes. She would rather race naked through the yard than wear anything. Frequently, I send a well dressed two year old out to play only to turn around and find a mostly naked child eating all my tomatoes.

As if outside nakedness were bad enough, Cora's opinion of clothes extends inside. She will change outfits at least once during the day. I have no idea why. She is sensitive to any spills or dribbles. The first time a drop of milk touches her shirt, the darn thing comes off. Its hard to explain to guests why your two year old is stripping at the table. At the back of my mind is a discussion my mother and I had when she was first receiving solid foods.

In an effort to save on laundry, I stripped her to her diaper when I spoon fed her. Dearest Nanny insisted that my daughter would think she was supposed to eat naked. Yes, Nanny, I remember this discussion. Yes, Nanny, you were right.

Nakedness is spreading too. With baby smiles and coos, Nyobi convinces her big sister to help her undress. Its hard to imagine Cora coming up with that idea all by herself (heavy sarcasm intended). Being an extra big helper, Cora is also always on the lookout for pee diapers. She checks them, and then removes. Being a two year old extra big helper, that is where her efforts end.

Which is why I will walk into the living room to find a nudist colony meeting and four big INNOCENT bright blue eyes.


It is cute. It is super cute. If I took a picture, child family services and the FBI would investigate me for something so vile I can barely stand to think of it. That is why I am so busy trying to figure out how to secure clothes and diapers on two children. I should feel fortunate that Cora knows the difference between baby poo and lotion.

PS: In the middle of composing this article, I walked into the livingroom only to be met by four INNOCENT blue eyes.

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