Monday, September 8, 2008

Go to BED!!!

After taking Cora to the fair, I took the over tired small child to my parents house to finish out the weekend adventure. Actually, I just wanted a back up plan for any bad incidents. Somehow I have a nagging suspicion that the bad incidents were brought about by my back up plan. Its not something I want to overly contemplate.

In usual form, my Gran, whom lives with my parents, or vice versa, wanted to discuss parenting tactics and child behavior. I love talking with her about it. I dislike the fact that my daughters demonstrate the worst possible behavior for her, and my tactics either fail or fall to the last ditch, worst strategy. Like "Go to Bed!"

At 8:30, my daughter grabbed her blanket and wandered downstairs saying she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I felt like kissing her. This behavior is barely ever demonstrated without a parental prompt. I tucked her in to her sleeping bag on the floor, and stood up to leave. She got up too.

For the next two hours, I stared at the door to our guest room. Every time I saw her, I would repeat, "Go to Bed!" she would howl in tears. I would explain about how sleep was important, I told her a silly story about a chicken named poop (hey, you try being inventive at 10 at night). Then I would go up stairs, chat with Gran for a couple of minutes. She would say astonished, "She's still awake and its 10 at night! Does she do this often?"

No, my daughter only does this when I'm trying to show off what a good child she is, and Dad the Enforcer is no where to be found. If she did this all the time I would be wearing a straight jacket and in a padded cell. Either that or I would be an alcoholic.

Fortunately Nanny and Gramps were soaking up the lovely sleepy cuddles of my youngest girl, so I was free to try and convince Cora to GO TO BED! At 10:30PM, with my hand played out I fed Cora more food, and found the baby. I put her in the crib. I took my two year old's sleeping bag and threw it onto the futon bed. I laid down next to her and told her to go to sleep.

She gave me soft kisses, rubbed her nose with mine, said "good night." Then she popped off the bed, went to the door to the room and stepped out holding the knob. "And Thtay in bed or I thpank you!" She admonished before closing the door.

So help me God, I will lose it with that child before she gets past two.

Wow do I sound silly saying things like that.

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