Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Good Day

Last night at dinner, when Cora was acting up and my husband started to get perturbed, I made certain to inform him that our eldest was very good the whole day. He looks at me with surprised. Generally you can tell how bad or good Cora was by the state of the house work chores. A needy day leaves dishes in the sink, dirt on the floor and usually paper towels over cleaned up potty training messes that need one more spritz of deodorizer.

"For a two year old." I interjected. My standards of good and bad behavior have drastically changed since the new baby arrived and my business is doing better.

"That is true." My husband says, his eyes lighting up with glee. "The house isn't on fire, and you didn't call me from the emergency room all day long."

Obviously his standards of good and bad behavior have also adjusted.

I need to go make certain that the lighters and matches are securely located and the fire extinguishers function.

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jpagens said...

Now would be a good time to link to FEMA for kids! Fire safety for the little ones. Tax dollars well spent I'd say.