Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I catch a Butter

Children have their own language. Hopefully their parents speak it. Here are a couple of Coras favorite phrases and what they might mean. I'm never certain.

Upon seeing tony the tiger at the grocery store, with a larger lady close by. "Thunder cavth HO!"

Entering the house with something in her hands. "I catch a Butter." Opens hands. "Oopth." A grass hopper jumps onto the living room carpet.

"Big Pool?" Coras question whenever I start packing. She loved going swimming at the high school pool.

To ward off anyone's help, Cora yells "I do, I do!" Either that or she gets married a lot.

"Rabbit." Coras name for any bunny, hair or similarly small furry creature.

"Want to wear an Angel." Coras name for a dress, because too many people told a curly hair blond child with blue eyes and her Dads porcelain complexion that she was an "angel in that dress."

"Cheese and Butter." Coras two favorite dishes. Cheese is mac and cheese, or grilled cheese, or anything as long as cheese is a primary ingredient. Butter is butter bread.

"Make Pop." Not the soda version, the corn version. For some reason, she can't seem to wrap her mind around the whole word.

And my all time personal favorite. "Where babay?" Poor bombay is hunted down frequently, but Nanny and I took forever to figure out she wanted the cat not her baby sister.