Thursday, September 11, 2008

I caught her red handed.

She was playing in the sink. I was nursing the baby. Playing in the sink is a less harmful activity than a lot of the things Cora tries to do when I am nursing the baby. For instance, she is not smearing feces anywhere, nor raiding the knife block, nor playing in her fathers tools. I decided not to check on the contents of the sink. I just did dishes so there should be nothing harmful in there.

To my surprise, she entered the living room with her hands coated in red liquid, holding them out like a stigmatized witness of faith. I grabbed her wrists, gently and in the sudden calm spoke gently. "What were you playing with?" I queried.

She didn't answer, but then she wasn't screaming in pain either. I licked her finger, expecting the coppery taste of that life giving liquid. Instead I got super sweet fruit punch.

Fruit Punch?

Note to self. Koolaid mix should not be left near the sink.

1 comment:

jpagens said...

You.... just liked a child's hand without any idea what was actually on it???? Mothers are really brave...