Monday, September 29, 2008

Packing it Up.

We decided to go away overnight. Because we have romantic and far reaching dreams of sunning on the beaches of Aruba, eating udon at a street stall in Tokyo and drinking vodka in a pub near the Kremlin, we visited my parents. Its close, Cora loves it and they will let us get out of the house without either child. Besides that, they have baby supplies, from the food down to the diapers and crib.

I once packed to go overseas for four months, and fit everything I would need into a carry on and a hiking back pack (40 lbs of kit total). You could NOT fit what we took into that same backpack. it was too much. It was one night only, and I was packing light.

Welcome to adventure with children.

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Michigan Mom said...

Ahhhh welcome to the world of traveling with babies!!!! ha ha!