Friday, September 26, 2008

Ravenous Cribs

I strongly believe that objects have personalities. I also believe that they have appetites. They must. It started with my washing machine and dryer. I would put baby socks into it, only to have them re-emerge a few weeks later from other locations in the house. One even popped out from under the dish washer smelling like freshly dried laundry. Then there is the red recliner which coughed up a silver railroad spike on my floor.

This week I began to suspect a new object of having developed an appetite for a specific delicacy. Wednesday night, after her first middle of the night nursing (she has two) I could not find Nyobi's pacifier in her crib. I grabbed a substitute one from the stand then settled her down. Thursday night the same thing happened. No big deal, I thought, its not as if I won't find the pacifiers in the morning.

At 3 AM this morning, I stumbled about the baby room, feeding her then setting up her current "lounge" style seat. The seat is essential for keeping the snot filled baby oriented correctly. I settled her in, smiled at her and then looked for her "Nuky". I knew exactly where it was, because after two nights of losing them and having to think hard enough to find a replacement at 3 AM, I took the preventative measure.

It was gone. I stripped the crib, but could not find it. Fortunately, I grabbed the one spare, and settled the baby. There is only one huge problem with this. That was the LAST spare. I went from having five nukys around the house, to having one. Also, when a plastic piece disappears from the crib in the room when you are looking at said piece of furniture and nobody else is awake, you worry a little about putting the baby back in said same furniture.

This morning I searched her room crib and clothes. None of the three nukys I KNOW for certain were last seen in her crib are in her crib. They aren't even around her crib. They are GONE!!! That is what I have, a Nuky eating ravenous Crib. What happens if the crib really does eat nukies and doesn't mind a side of baby? Some weird cartoon like mouth creeps open from the mattress and swallows it all whole...

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micnigan mom said...

What are you trying to do? Reinvent the monster under the bed? Give yourself nightmares????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh