Tuesday, September 9, 2008

River **** Daycare.

For some reason, I just cannot make an appointment to interview a daycare lady on time. Daycare ladys do not like late interviewee's. They seem to think that failure to be timely is a trait not easily overcome. Perhaps their great experience dealing with the crazy parents of other children is valid.

To make sure I was not late for the newest daycare interview I sat down to feed the baby fourty minutes before the interview. Twenty minutes later baby was happy, sitting on my lap and I was helping the two year old into her panties and pants. Then the baby pooped.

Ten minutes later, smelling of baby poop and pee, but with no obvious stains on my clothes, I thew the kids in the car and took off to find "770 river bend drive off of M-40 by Babylon." as I was instructed.

Evidently the ONLY name someone in this area can give a subdivision is one that starts with River. It must be in the township ordinences. After Riverview, Riverridge, Rivercourt and a fourth subdivision which is "River trailer park" to the locals, I gave up on locating the magic Riverbend subdivision. Instead I pulled into the realters and yanked both kids out of the car. I was 15 minutes late for the interview.

It took the realtor 10 minutes to find the riverbend subdivision. It was ON babylon, not on M-40. It was five minutes away.

It was raining when I arrived. According to this ladies instructions, I searched for the drive with the travel trailer parked in it. There was none.

My heart fell in my chest. This was not happening. The drizzle increased. I chose a door with a back yard filled with play equiptment. I stood in the wet staring at the door, ringing the bell. Late and smelling like baby poop, I just wanted to go home. The daycare lady answered the door.

"Did you find it Okay?" she asked.

If my daughter goes to daycare there, I'll have to make sure I teach her orienteering first. She might get lost finding the bathroom if she uses this ladies directions.

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