Friday, September 5, 2008


After feeding the baby at 3 AM, I crawled back into bed, listening to the end of hurricaine gustav rain down upon my roof. I was half asleep when something cold hit my face. Lieing with my face towards my husbands, I thought to myself, why is he spitting while he sleeps? Another splat landed on my shoulder, it was cold.

It was not spit. It was raining. I forgot to close the windows, I thought.

No, the window was closed. All the windows were closed. What was wrong then? Where was the water coming from?

It dripped again, and i heard it hit the sheets below. It was dripping out of the fan. I sat up, placed my hand on the spot. Here I thought my husband was spitting on me in contempt as I slept, but it was only the roof leaking, I felt so releived.

Wait, the roof was leaking? Maybe I should make coffee, I thought. This is not making sense.

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jpagens said...

This happened to me while Pete was around too. Waking up to a leaky ceiling... I think he might be involved in both instances... Just saying...

My problem was temporarily solved through the non-creative use of duct tape and garbage bags. I'm thinking you may want a more elegant solution.