Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That Little Noise.

I took both children shopping with me. Cora was an angel (and she was wearing one too)! Nyobi was fine at first, but then she got uncomfortable. She started to cry, so I gave her the nookie and she relaxed. Ready to finish my task, I turned away. Then I heard a noise. It was a little noise, not a scream, not a pout, but a little tiny pacifier muted moan.


It lasted only a second at most. I patted Nyobis cheek and turned back to Cora who seemed equally disturbed by that little noise. "Okay." I said. "Now what do we need to get next?"

"Um, Fish!!" said Cora.

"Nnnn." said Nyobi.

WE both turned to her in dismay.

"Nnnn." said Nyobi, her big eyes showing her despair that she was stuck in the carseat in a grocery store and not being held, and fed. There is no demand in her gaze, just lost hope and broken dreams. Its heart rending.

"Nnnn." said Nyobi. My heart pulled, my brain decided I was the worst parent ever.

"Oooh," a passing stranger said. "Look at the poor thing, with those big Blue eyes." She cast a disparaging look my direction.

"Nnnn." said Nyobi. Cora grumbled to herself, and tried to pat her sisters cheek to calm her down. There are ways of dealing with a screaming baby. There are ways of soothing a crying baby. There is no good way to make that little noise go away. I know. Both Cora and I tried.

We did manage to shorten the grocery list, sped up check out and got us home in record time. "Nnnn." said Nyobi.

That little noise will undo my calm yet.

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