Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Art of Conversation

Our eldest is leaving the tantrum ism and failure to communicate age of two, and growing into three. That is not to say she is no longer a terrible, but rather that the terrible is softened with a hint of cognition. Having a conversation with a two year old is alot like talking to a wall. Having a conversation with a child a year older actually makes sense.

Most humorously you learn about their concept of the world. You can tell that my daughter goes places with me. Her response to the question "Are you going trick or treating?" was "I don't know where that is." The stunned silence was marvelous.

"Who is that?" A question she is often asked as part of Dad play routine, she answered efficiently with "That is my sister. Her name is Nyobi. She is four months old." This should not be surprising to me. I answer these questions in front of her every day. It is, however, amusing.

My favorite so far is the compliment stage. Cora has always been a queit child. She also has striking looks. Blond curly hair, bright blue eyes, dark lashes and a pale complexion get her lots of comments. People say, "What a beautiful child!" or "Aren't you beautiful!" Before I can say anything, Cora will gallop away with a totally dis-interested "I know." trailing behind her.

I guess I shouldn't be afraid of her getting a fat head any time soon.

Unfortunately, conversation includes one of the most annoying and dreaded things children can do. Watching cora rifle through the DVD's and VHS tapes, probably searching for the Lady and the Tramp movie I sent back to Netflix's, I told her "You are not going to watch any TV right now."

Slowly, oh so slowly, her head turned toward me, her blue eyes shining with inhuman delight. She smiled a little not so innocent smile and asked me "Why?"

Then my MOM spoke out from behind me. "Because I said so!"

I'll have to ask my Mom how she learned to throw her voice 45 miles at just the right moment. I certainly couldn't have said that.

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