Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dinner Table Etiquette

Polite manners at the table are an important part of life. Teaching Cora manners should, therefor be easy. Yeah, right! This is the child who will eat at any other time of the day, a million foods that are not appealing. If she's sitting at the table, food is "Bleck".

Yesterday we decided to try one of those pasta dishes the pizza chain recently invented. It was a delicious looking concoction. We also tried some bruschetta. Cora tasted the bruschetta before we sat down, and swallowed a whole mouthful. After she sat down, she watched me put the bruschetta stuff on her plate, and said "Bleck". Refusing to taste it.

She also refused to taste the pasta. "Bleck" she said. That did not sit well with the parents.

After pointing out that she would taste it before she made up her mind or else, an important rule of the table, and part of being polite, she put some in her mouth. Her face was screwed up in her attempts to prepare to eat something hideous. Then relaxed. "MMMM." she said. "Cheese! I like cheese!"

"Juice, please." she said to Dad handing him her cup and picking up her fork. I am so proud of her for not making me carry through with the ominous and poorly defined "or else", like she usually does. As we turned to our meals, I had a sudden thought. With a quick peak under the table I stared across at my husband.

"She's not wearing pants!!!"

I guess we have alot of manners to work on yet.

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