Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Half way to my Fall Goal

During the warmth of summer, and the season of potty training, I became a lax parent. I let Cora play in the back yard, minus her clothes, or run around the house minus the benefit of garments. She is still an infant in many ways, and a child in others. She does not understand nakedness as anything more than freedom of movement. Perhaps age is, in itself an Eden apple we all must bite.

As fall approaches though, the temperatures fall. I started to worry about whether her body could produce enough warmth without some added layers. I began a campaign to coax her back into clothes, and I am happy to say it is working. Yesterday, Cora started out in full pants and shirt. In the morning, she lost her pants. She had to go potty, and then refused to put them back on.

At lunch, she dirtied her shirt. As she pulled it off, I discovered the discarded bottoms in the babies room. For the afternoon she wore those, and no shirt.

If my goal is a clothed child, I am halfway there.

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