Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Little Helper

Children are very useful. They take care of some of the nuisances in life that annoy people. Cora is definitely my little helper. Just last night, when food was ready for those strange men who hang out in my basement talking about swords, ogres and skeletons, she performed a very important service.

She stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down, over and over again, "Okay guys, time for dinner! Please to the table! Guys!!! Daddy?" Usually I end up doing that for a very long time before I can be heard over the havoc of battle.

Having no attention span, she is also the perfect answer to sales people, and vendors. At the craft fair, I didn't need and excuse to escape from a chatty junk wielder. I simply followed after my child, breaking off in the middle of sentences. Nobody felt badly, especially when they saw her tearing apart someone elses booth.

My favorite though, was watching her totally discombobulate a sales person at a furniture store. This furniture store is well known for their pushy sales folks, but I had no problems. At one time, in the middle of trying to convince me that I should buy somthing more expensive, we turned and looked over at the bunk beds lined along a wall. I turned back to the saleswoman, then immediately back to the bunkbeds. Cora was on top of the tallest one.

There was no ladder on the tallest one. My two year old climbed up to the top of another one, then somehow spanned a gap as big as herself and hauled herself up to the blocked bunk. Both I and the sales woman made it to the bunk bed in record time. Then with her guarding the entrance route, I convinced Cora to come to me.

After that, the sales lady seemed to realize I was going to leave without buying if Cora could not be contained. All of a sudden, I had a very tolerant babysitter, who kept Cora occupied, brought her cookies, and talked to her, while I did whatever shopping I wanted to. Very useful these children.

I still want to know how she got on top of the bunk beds.

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